Monday, February 28, 2011

silly storm

a thunderstorm (yes, in february) started shortly after carter went to bed last night.

carter: what was that noise that was so loud?
me: that was thunder
carter: well, can you turn it down?  it's too loud!
me: no, i can't turn it down, it's THUNDER!
carter:  well, you can at least turn down the microphone

gotta love 3 year olds :-)

side note: whenever there is a strong breeze, our outdoor welcome mat and porch furniture almost always end up in our yard (or the neighbor's yard).  last night we had like tornado-force winds and everything was perfectly in its place this morning.  strange, very strange...

Saturday, February 26, 2011

why in the hull?

let me start by saying that i LOVE popcorn.  it is one of my favorite foods.  especially since i have started my recent calorie-counting diet, i have been having popcorn as my nightly snack.  which bring up an important question...WHY does popcorn insist on having those stupid hulls?  and WHY do they always find their way into the space between your gums and teeth?  i have one stuck that has been bugging me like crazy.  i have flossed (many times) and feel like i am constantly trying to pick it out with my fingernail.  to no avail.  anyone know a good way to get them out?  cause my gum is killing me!

that's my rant for the day :-)  but on the topic of snacks, i have been struggling to come up with some good snacks that are low-calorie to keep me on track for my diet.  what are your favorites?

Friday, February 25, 2011

betty crocker, i am not

i really admire the people who are able to think about something yummy and then just whip it up.  i am perfectly capable of following recipes, but when it comes to conjuring them up on my own, not so much.  i reinforced that principle today when i tried to make peanut butter and jelly muffins, which i have been craving since a friend posted about making them on her blog.  she made them gluten-free and added extra protein powder and they turned out yummy.  i don't have any gluten-free materials, so i googled a basic muffin recipe and attempted to make it work with what i had, substituting healthier things when i could.  total FAIL :-/  it was kinda laughable really.  they were way more like a biscuit really and overall edible, but just not good.  they did earn one fan though in my 15-month old niece claire, who gobbled up 1 1/2, leaving only crumbs.  for those with a more picky palette (myself and carter), they didn't make the cut.  into the trash they went...  (side note: i am fairly certain once my boys are teenagers, things like this will be eaten regardless of non-gourmet quality)

i wonder if there is like a baking 101 class i can take.  like what ingredients make what happen.  because i hear about people "playing" with recipes to get them right, but i have no idea where to start.  they didn't turn out, so they are scrapped.  ah well, guess i'll focus on some more of my other talents...


yay!  i finally got around to starting my blog!  in addition to be a procrastinator, i have also been struggling with the concept that anyone might have an interest in anything i have to say.  well, we'll give it a go and see :-)

my name is erin.  i have been married to my husband ryan for almost 7 years and we have two beautiful boys, carter (3 1/2) and holden (5 1/2 months).  when i married my husband, i had to make some major adjustments to living with a man.  then came carter, and the adjustments continued.  now that we have added holden, i am faced with living with 3 MEN!  someone shoot me now.  there are so many differences other than the physical and i am so outnumbered.  so this blog will tell the tales of my life in all aspects, as attempt to wing this whole wife/motherhood/life as i go!