Monday, April 4, 2011


seriously wishing there was a military school to send carter.  someone needs to beat some good behavior into that child and i just don't know if i have it in me.  he has just been so hit or miss lately.  the good days are that of a typical 3 year old, mostly good behavior with a few whines thrown in.  which makes the bad days that much worse.  the only word i can think of that describes him on those days is hysterical--like actually in a state of hysteria.  there is no reasoning with him, no snapping him out of it, and usually not even any talking to him, since as soon as you speak a word he screams as loud as possible over the top of you.  he just screams and thrashes and throws himself down.

he went through a phase similar to this a while back and it was awful.  now he is bigger and quite frankly, meaner.  today he was freaking out about having to picking up the toys in his room and he ended up kicking me and throwing a plastic grocery basket from his kitchen in holden's face.  obviously that type of behavior is not acceptable, but what to do?  i feel like we have tried all the "nice" parenting methods and another day like that and he will be getting a drill sergeant instead of a mommy until he can get in line.  OY!  thank goodness for alcohol...

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