Thursday, March 17, 2011

back in the saddle

holy smokes, have i been MIA.  the first thing that took me out was getting sick.  very, very sick :-/  i became BFFs with my toilet for about a day and then started to feel better, although tired and sore.  virus tried to come back a day later, but i sent it packing, with strict instructions for it to never return.  thank goodness no one else in my family got it!  if i didn't have a low-grade fever, i would have almost thought it was food poisoning, but i guess it was just my good quarantine skills that kept the rest of the family healthy.

after being sick, i was behind the 8 ball for a few days and then we went to lima since ryan is on vacation ALL WEEK!  a nice little visit up there and then the days have just flown by.  probably *because* ryan is on vacation ALL WEEK :-)

alas, i am back in the saddle and hope to be better about blogging!

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