Tuesday, March 1, 2011

raspberries, grapes, and elephants

my littlest man has learned the fine art of blowing raspberries.  he doesn't do it all the time, and of course never on command.  he does, however, have a superior ability to do it while he's eating.  "what's that you say mom?  you'd like some of these green beans sprayed all over you?  no problem!  consider it done!"  i should be happy that i can often get out of the way of the food spray, whereas with carter, he sneezed oatmeal on me every.single.morning...until he stopped eating oatmeal.

also in our food exploration, i got holden one of those mesh food teether things.  i loaded it up with grapes last night and gave it to him.  he stared at, flopped it around a few times and dropped it, clearly not impressed.

so i took my fingers and sqeezed a grape open and then stuck it in his mouth.  hmmm...this has potential.  after a couple minutes he was going to town and loving them.  can't wait to try some other things in there!  definitely glad i stripped him naked first though, as he ended up covered in grape juice.

big topic shift:  boys are loud.  they are so, so, so loud. i have no idea why everything they do has to be done at a decibel level that rivals attending a concert.  12 inches away from someone? better yell so they hear me!  getting out of bed?  better jump, thud, stomp stomp stomp!  opening a door?  better throw it open so as to scare the bejeezus out of whoever is on the other side (me)!  i think to myself, why are boys so loud?  and then i look at the biggest boy in the house (my husband) and the answer is clear.  he is just as loud.  i often hear tales of people complaining about their upstairs neighbors while living in an apartment, yet i get to experience the loud elephant stomps of my husband even when he is DOWNSTAIRS.  i see my cute little niece just cruising around, living life, making hardly a peep.  she pretty much gets swallowed whole in this house.  well, i'm off to practice banging cabinets open and closed so i can fit in...

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