Thursday, March 17, 2011

luck o' the irish

as a general rule, i have pretty bad luck.  murphy and i do not get along so well, as in--whatever i expect the opposite happens.  today, i am feeling pretty lucky.  carter started in early january with a random eye tic of his left eye.  a trip to the pediatrician told us it was most likely a transient tic, which is a normal one that appears in childhood and then goes away on its own.  he did have a sinus infection at the time, so we wanted to clear that up first to make sure it wasn't somehow causing it.  a few weeks later, the right eye started to tic also.  determined that this wasn't normal, back to the pediatrician we went.  again, the same answer though of a harmless transient tic.  they did do a quick eye exam and declared his eyesight fine.

fast forward a few more weeks up to about a week and a half ago and he started complaining of headaches and pointing to the back of his head.  not sure what the cause was, we treated with tylenol when he complained, but soon noticed it really wasn't going away.  then as he was riding with my mother-in-law in the car, he told her he could see "that bouncy ball in my eye again."  she asked him what color it was and he said brown.  this alarmed her because she has had ocular bleeds and said that is just what they look like. time for a call to an eye doctor.

so yesterday i made the call to a pediatric opthamologist that a family member had seen.  they said they were scheduling out to the end of may and i said okay.  however, after they asked the reason we wanted the appointment, i was put on hold briefly and then told they needed to see him "tomorrow at 8:30 am," (which is today) and expect to be there about 2 hours.  okay, FREAK OUT TIME!  my mind raced and i spent the night pretty worried.

this morning, we headed off to children's hospital for his appointment.  after only an hour, the doctor determined that carter needed glasses.  he is nearsighted in both eyes, but the biggest problem was that he has a pretty significant astigmatism in his left eye, but none in his right.  the doctor thought this could surely be causing his headaches and the glasses should help correct that.  he didn't see any neurological problems, everything else looked fine and the tics, he agreed were most likely just transient ones.  he will see us back in 3 months to make sure his left eye is seeing well enough so it doesn't shut down and to make sure he didn't miss anything else.  whoosh.  let out breath.  thank the Lord!

so next door we went to pick out carter's first glasses.  i must admit, he looked pretty dang cute in them.  we didn't think to take a picture of him in what will be his new glasses, but couldn't resist snapping this one during his exam.

so many people would look at this situation and be bummed that their child now has to wear glasses.  but today, for me, i am feeling pretty lucky.  i am super happy that there wasn't anything major wrong with my baby and am glad that he will be able to see better!  happy st. patrick's day to this partially irish girl :-)


  1. Oh man, he's even cute in those!! Lol, can't wait to see his new look.

  2. Aw man, I totally thought he got "slime shaped" glasses... even though noah has sat in that very chair :) (although Infants have different "tools") Love it!