Tuesday, March 8, 2011

mommy's weekend off

my mom came up with an idea to buy tickets to see Shrek the Musical for my sister, sister-in-law and me for our birthdays this year (not that they are all together at all--november, september, march and july-- but celebrating them at the same time anyways).  since it was this past saturday, ryan took the boys and went to stay with his mom for reinforcements :-)  they left friday afternoon, which meant that i had the rest of friday all.to.myself.  holy smokes!  i have to say that as much as i love my husband and children, it was glorious to have some time to myself in my house.  i couldn't quite justify being *totally* lazy, so i cleaned for a couple hours and then promptly parked on the couch for the rest of the night.

...earlier in the day, however, i was heading out to meet a girl from craigslist to sell some diapers.  as i was getting ready to walk out the door, i couldn't find my wallet.  after a moment's thought, OH NO! it's in the diaper bag--which is on it's way out of town with ryan :-/  luckily, he was able to drop it off at my mom's for her to bring to cleveland with her the next day, but in the meantime i had nothing--no money, no credit cards, no ID, no ATM card--nothing.  i scrounged through our files and found an old credit card that hadn't even been activated yet just so i would have something in case i needed gas or whatever, plus i was headed to meet her at bye bye baby and wasn't sure i could escape without buying anything ::shuffles::

when i called ryan to tell him about the wallet fiasco, we also discovered another oversight--carter had no shoes.  they left at nap time so the boys could sleep in the car and ryan just carried him out.  i will say that i reminded him to pack shoes and he said he would just put them in the car, and then forgot.  so now we have my wallet traveling an hour and half away from me, while my 3 year old son is expected to make it through a weekend with no shoes. (he was able to borrow some from our nephew) i guess that's what happens when mommies decide to have some time off :-)

side note: shrek the musical was SO good!  even though we were seated amongst a large group of middle schoolers...and there was approximately 3 inches of leg room for my 12 inches of leg...and pretty sure the kid sitting in front of us had ADD because he was unable to stop moving and pushing his chair back (into our kneecaps)...which left my sister and i alternating between who was gonna shove his chair back with our knees the whole time...

side side note: the theater we went to was a combination of multiple theaters and i REALLY would like to know what was going on in the other theater because based on the people in the lobby, it was some sort of pimps and hoes party...

here is carter wearing his shrek ogre ears that i brought him back

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