Sunday, March 20, 2011

baking buddy

lately i have felt "called" to do more in the kitchen.  bake more, cook more, explore more, etc.  i have been recipe hunting a bit and soon will begin my plan of cooking at least one new thing every week.  tonight, i was in the mood to bake and carter decided he wanted to help.  for those who don't know, anytime a 3 year old offers to "help" you can pretty much count on it actually being more work for you.  however, the sooner he learns these skills, the sooner he can bake things for me and save me the time in the future.  (plus, his future wife i'm sure will love me for it :-P)

carter chose funfetti cupcakes and i submit to you all, that you are NEVER too old for funfetti cupcakes.  if you think you are, you are lying to yourself.  we shared the duties of adding ingredients and then got the mixer out.  tonight was the first time i've let carter help with that part and he thought it was pretty cool.
(note: despite the horrible angle in which my husband took this picture, i assure you that i am NOT pregnant)

i even got brave and let him help me put them in oven, letting him put the tray on the front of the rack and then i slid it back.  no one got burned, so i'd say it was a success.  out they came and carter chose chocolate frosting, which i think is kinda weird for funfetti but who am i to judge?  i really don't even like frosting that much and would much rather just eat the cake.
(see those un-paper towels in use?!)

holden didn't get to help today, but he stayed happy and was too cute to not snap a picture of him too :-)


  1. mmmmm funfetti cupcakes. Quite possibly one of my most often craved "illegal" foods. Yum! GF vanilla cake doesn't cut it (as we witnessed on Saturday!)

  2. courben loves helping me in the kitchen now, too. although, he always says he's "making breakfast". one of these days, he'll realize we only eat breakfast in the morning :)