Friday, March 25, 2011

crazytown confirmed

you ever have one of those days where pretty much everything goes wrong?  of course you have, haven't we all?  sometimes when it happens, it just makes me laugh because there's not much else you can do.  the day is kind of like a joke on you anyways, so why not giggle?  wednesday was one of those days for me, but there was no laughing.

i was already having a hard time because it was the day that we lost preston, and was hopeful for some distractions throughout the day.  i should have been careful what i asked for.  first, i opened the mail from the day before to find out we are getting audited by the city of columbus.  really?  it's not like we claimed a bunch of things and we even had to pay them an extra $60 that had already been done.

as i was trying to scan the letter from the city of columbus to send to our tax guy, (yes, we did pay $250 to have our taxes done only to have them messed up enough to warrant an audit apparently) the scanner/printer wouldn't work.  it recommended i uninstall and then reinstall the software.  after i uninstalled it, of course the disk is nowhere to be found.  really?

in addition, our internet hadn't been working properly for a day or so, so i was on the verge of throwing something (read:computer--which would have been very bad since it's a relatively new mac) across the room in frustration.

next i loaded up both kiddos and headed out on a mission to find a replacement microwave, since ours bit the dust the day before.  come to find out that best buy didn't have a single black (or black/stainless) microwave in stock (at any of their columbus area stores).  really?  how can you have NONE?  so now i have to wait a week to have a microwave--UGH!

then as we were shopping for said microwave, i noticed holden literally trying to shove his fingers into his ear and then remembered that i saw him playing with his ear the day before and he hadn't finished his nighttime bottle (which is rare).  called the pedi for a sick visit and turns out he has infections in both ears again (since he had the double ear infection last month also).  really?!

we live in ohio, so of course they were calling for storms.  friends around the region reported hail and other storm-like behavior, but we really just got some wind and it sprinkled for about 10 minutes or so.  apparently we had just enough wind, however, to rip open our new storm door and bend the rod that has the closing mechanism.  REALLY?!?

then i got the mail for that day and found a letter from my family doctor, telling me that her cancer had returned (she's been battling breast cancer) and she would be on permanent medical leave so she could focus on her health and her family. REALLY?!?!?!

at this point, i was pretty much in tears.  there was no laughing to be had that day and i was at the end of my rope.  i found myself staring at the clock, counting down minutes until hubby got off work and could come rescue me.  the hope that the next day would be better allowed me to pull it together and last until he made it home.  OY!  why does everything fall apart at the same time?  thankfully, yesterday was much better and all of these issues are slowing working themselves out.  this, too, shall pass....this, too, shall pass...this, too, shall pass...

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  1. Um, that sounds like a miserable day! :-/ I'm glad the rest of your week has looked up...thankfully bad days are usually followed up with good ones, even if it's only because things couldn't get worse! ;)